North Shore Girls Mermaid Tee. Why Graphic Tees are so popular in 2023

Why Graphic Tees are so Popular in 2023!

I love graphic t-shirts! And not only because I like designing them. I get so excited when I see cute ones in shops or on the internet. You can hardly blame me, right? When I see t-shirts with fun designs and colors, they are not just t-shirts anymore. They are works of art I can wear and show off to people. And the best part is that there is no wrong size for a work of art! Graphic tees are quite possibly the most popular section in my closet. They're snuggly, comfortable, effortless, and cute! And while they may seem a bit too girly or too teeny-bopper, they can easily be worn by anyone at any age.

It’s an interesting way to express your values, style, or mood. If you love your job or hobby, then it's time to purchase your first graphic tee. Wax your surfboard and wear that surfer shirt loud and proud. Or if you're obsessed with mermaids, there are tons of mermaid tees out there (You can check out my new mermaid collection). Being seen and appreciated for one’s individuality is all part of being a member of the “now generation.” There’s something very comfortable about wearing a graphic shirt that you relate with and makes people smile.

Good news! Printed tees are no longer for slackers. That’s right! You can wear your favorite t-shirt to work or to a cocktail party. Printed shirts have evolved over the last few years. Lining the shelves at some of your favorite stores are graphics from some established designers. Colorful prints can be paired with many fashion items, besides basic jeans, or shorts. You can pair it with something that is more sophisticated to balance the look: like a blazer or heels. Graphics also look amazing with solid colors and clean lines. Play around and you will find something that reflects your sense of style. You might not be able to change your job or your boss, but you can purchase a flattering and interesting graphic tee to increase your confidence and brighten up your day at work.

Graphics can be worn by women of all ages. Girls aren't guys. We like colors, flowers, hair ties and text messages, doesn’t matter what age we are. Women today are taking charge of their lives and finding new hobbies, more fulfilling careers, and just enjoying life to its fullest. The same applies to wearing your favorite graphic tee: there is no age limit for it. I believe that wearing a graphic shirt in a tasteful way can be one of the most flattering things a woman can do herself. She gets to be playful and creative which is generally a part of her personality that she keeps on lock down as she grows older.

The bottom line is graphic tees are amazing because they can take your outfit to the next level. These days, when it comes to being stylish, it's all about making statements. Next time you walk outside, look around and you'll see that graphic tees are truly the new canvas for creative expression.

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