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North Shore Girls Tees are paired with different fashion pieces. Article on home to style graphic tees by Nadia Watts

How To Style Your Graphic Tees

| Nadia Watts

    Many of us have a love-hate relationship with graphic tees. When they're worn right, they can make you look really cool, but when they're worn wrong, it's just another unappealing clutter that screams “hey, look at me”. In this guide I will share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to style your graphic tees

Pair with a blazer

    One of my favorite spring looks is pairing graphic t-shirts with more dressy pieces. It's a great way to add some interest to an otherwise boring outfit, and can be pulled off in any office situation. Alright, so all you need is a graphic tee and a blazer. Easy right?

 Tuck it in

    It looks great with or without a belt, depending on your preference. This outfit is perfect for running errands, going to class, or even just hanging out at your favorite coffee shop. I love how effortless it looks while still being super chic.

 Wear with distressed/vintage jeans

    You can never, ever, ever go wrong with graphic tee and distressed denim jeans, just sayin'. I like the feel and comfort when wearing graphic tee with distressed jeans. Somehow this look makes me feel so confident when wearing it. My suggestion is that women of all ages can add this simple option to their apparel collection.

Contrast with a delicate skirt

    Fashion is sometimes all about the unexpected. A graphic tee together with a skirt are two things you might not think of putting together, but for some reason it totally works! It shows confidence and creates a distinctive look. This is one of my favorite looks because it shows how bold and creative you are in your approach. I like complimenting this ensemble with a pair of cute flats.
Slip into graphic tee, chunky cardigan, and trousers   
  I like to think I have a little bit of everything in my wardrobe: ranging from colorful, statement-making clothes to simple, classic pieces to trendy, cool and crazy ones, too:). But if I had to choose one, my most favorite look would be when I slip into a graphic tee, coupled with a chunky cardigan, and trousers. It's one of those outfits that I can say "it's totally me!". It's such a perfect outfit for a spontaneous evening out on the town. 


   Fashion is subjective. Style is something that speaks to an individual, so whether or not you like a look can say a lot about how similar or different you two may be. With new people in your life, it’s fun to experiment with outfits and styles. And remember, graphic tees are comfortable, versatile, and you can just have fun mixing and matching different pieces.

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